Vitamin Pills - A Useless Nutritional Supplement

What You Should Know About Vitamin Supplements Vitamin supplements are a popular substitute for important foods such as fruits and vegetables. The U.S. citizen alone spend more a 12 billion dollar a year for artificial nutrition supplements such as vitamin pills without knowing that these cause more damage to one’s health than they help. But why are vitamin supplements so popular?

The answers are poor nutrition and lack of time, a common excuse in modern times. This fact alone lets vitamin supplements became an essential nutritional supplement in many households. The population consumes all sorts of vitamin supplements seeking to improve their health and increase their life expectancy.
Despite the significant popularity of artificial vitamins, the latest scientific research shows that nutritional supplements made of artificial vitamins are often ineffective and often represent a risk to one’s health.

If you want to rely on nutritional supplements, then do not use artificial vitamins, but instead use natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables. An example of this kind of modern and natural nutritional supplement is Nutri Juice.
Why artificial vitamins are often ineffective and even harmful and what you can expect from a natural nutritional supplement are explained step-by-step and clearly at

The topics in overview:

  • Nutrition Today
    The contemporary nutrition crisis. Why are vitamin pills so popular?
  • Vitamin Pills:
    Why vitamin pills are ineffective and shorten our lives.
  • Natural Nutritional Supplements:
    Nutritional supplements with natural vitamins made from fruits and vegetables - a modern alternative?
  • Nutri Juice:
    Natural nutritional supplement with vitamins and micronutrients from fruit, vegetables, and berries.